Supplier’s Credit


Through a supplier credit, the Swiss Exporter offers deferred payment terms to its client, allowing the Importer to pay most of the investment through the cash flow generated by the operation of the equipment sold under the Export Contract.


The Exporter sells its claims to XFi by using a SERV covered Supplier's Credit Scheme. The Exporter gets paid and can book its revenues against bringing the evidence that the contractual payment obligation of the Importer has materialized according to the terms agreed in the Export Contract. The smart integration of a Supplier Credit Schemes can make the Swiss SME’s commercial offer more attractive for the Importer and could further also be combined with a Working Capital Facility.


For more information please download our factsheet.

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    The existing OECD guidelines define maximal possible repayment periods in export financing and so affect the payment terms to be agreed with an Importer. We strongly recommend to contact us as early as possible to ensure that the terms offered in the Export Contract comply with above guidelines and that all costs and risks related to the financing are managed properly.

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